Travel and Transportation

IHG® icon
Reserve and manage your stay at thousands of hotels
xCurrency icon
A currency calculator that's constantly updated
Cebu Pacific icon
Reserve and check-in with this airline in the Philippines
Fuel Flash icon
Check for nearby gas stations with good prices
AllTrails icon
Find the best routes for hiking or biking
Picap icon
Reserve motorbikes with or without a rider icon
Find cheap airplane tickets
Jeju Air icon
Find your ticket on the Korean low-cost airline
Amovens icon
An inexpensive way to carpool and travel
BlaBlaCar Daily icon
Get from home to work
Waze Carpool icon
Share your ride with other commuters
Choice Hotels icon
Book with hundreds of hotel deals now icon
Look up gas station prices in Germany
EasyWay icon
Information on public transport routes in Eastern Europe
Ship Info icon
Scan the seas and track hundreds of trips
Île-de-France Mobilités icon
Traveling through France isn't as hard as you might think
Smarter Subway icon
The perfect companion for subway riders in South Korea
OsmAnd icon
A comprehensive offline map application
Alsa icon
Get your bus ticket
YP - The Real Yellow Pages icon
The yellow pages that help you find what you're looking for
Phone Book icon
A phone book with private and business phone numbers in Switzerland
BiTaksi icon
Call a taxi in Turkey
Public transport maps offline - The whole world icon
Take the subway in any city without getting lost
Busai Vilnius icon
Check bus times with this Italian app
Cabify Drivers icon
A navigation tool for Cabify drivers
Locus Map icon
Download and view maps for your next adventure
Car Scanner ELM OBD2 icon
Check your car's performance
Uber Lite icon
Uber at its tiniest, redesigned for 2G networks
Pathao icon
Get from place to place or have things delivered directly to you
Urent icon
Motorcycles and bicycles for rent in Russia
Immobilien Scout24 icon
The best app for house hunting in Germany or Austria
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