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Receive the word of God on your smartphone every day
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An excellent Islamic tool
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With these words, you will feel God's presence
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The most influential and popular Bible quotes
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Know everything there is to know about the Bible
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The most complete collection of food additives
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A guide to good behavior for Muslims
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JTMR Ministries
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Learn how to perform the Salah correctly
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Still New Again
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Tons of Islamic references and teachings
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A Bible you can always carry in your pocket
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The Quran for children and adults is here
Salah Guides With Pictures All Salahs Prayer icon
An app for learning the correct way to pray
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A really easy-to-read Bible
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Original and translated versions of suras from the Quran
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Listen to the Quran in high quality audio
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Ali Yousefi
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JTMR Ministries
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Tomem Elto
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