Brain Wars icon
A competitive multiplayer brain training game
Crafty Candy icon
Cast some sweet spells in this candy combination game
Cut the Rope: Magic icon
Your friend Om Nom is more magical than ever before
Math Tricks icon
Improve your math skills from addition to percentages
Gems of War icon
A new adventure from the creators of Puzzle Quest
Monster Busters: Hexa Blast icon
Explode colorful monsters on a hexagonal board
Word Line: Crossword Adventure icon
Join letters to form words
Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle icon
Fun, challenging, and deadly puzzles
Cookie Cats Pop icon
Pop bubbles and save the kittens from taking a bath
Bubble Empire Champions icon
Pop all the bubbles before you run out of moves
Charm King icon
A fabulous match-3 set in a magical kingdom
Thief Puzzle icon
Become a top-notch thief
Word Wars icon
Play Scrabble with players from all over the world
Numpuz icon
5 puzzle games in one
Jewel Ancient icon
Home Cross icon
Build a house by solving nonograms
Words Story icon
Create words and help your character escape from jail
Block Puzzle Jewel icon
Outstanding tetris on your Android
Marble Woka Woka Zuma icon
Destroy the colored marbles in this puzzle game
Sort Water Puzzle icon
SEGA Heroes icon
SEGA's most popular heroes come together for a unique adventure
Brain Test 2 icon
Solve all kinds of puzzles
SortPuz icon
Sort all the colored liquid in the tubes
Cube Block: Classic Puzzle icon
Organize the pieces into rows and columns
Family Zoo: The Story icon
Improve the zoo so they don't demolish it
Build a Bridge! icon
Build bridges that can handle any weight
Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter icon
Rescue farm animals with this bubble launcher
Mahjong Solitaire: Classic icon
Play mahjong on your smartphone
Cross stitch icon
Slowly stitch and reveal each picture
Mahjong Village icon
Play mahjong and build a cute village in the process
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