Ratchet and Clank: BTN icon
A Ratchet and Clank adventure exclusively for Android
Gravity Guy FREE icon
Run at full speed, ignoring the laws of gravity
The Boxtrolls: Slide N Sneak icon
A 2D platformer featuring the Boxtrolls
RedBall2 icon
Defy the laws of physics with this ball
Air Penguin icon
Jump and fly over the Antarctic
Wall Kickers icon
Jump from wall to wall until you fail
Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster icon
Sit at the helm of a roller coaster, if you dare
Land of Thieves icon
Beat tons of levels and steal treasures
Run Like Hell! icon
Run from the cannibal tribe
Sonic CD Lite icon
The blue hedgehog is still as fast as ever
Monobot icon
Pass each level with this robot
Short Ride icon
Overcome the most lethal obstacles
Flying Slime icon
Youzu Stars
Cluster Rush icon
Jump from truck to truck until you reach your target
X-Runner icon
Infinite races through the universe
Motoheroz icon
Platforms behind the wheel of a 4x4
Mega Adventure icon
Open Idéias
Super Saiyan World icon
Jump, jump, jump with Son Goku
فرسان العراق icon
Excellent content in Arabic
Mr Jump icon
Getting around all these spikes isn't going to be easy
Parcel Trace icon
فانوس icon
Bean Dreams icon
There's a new hero for platformers
64 Top Games » - Super Max Adventure icon
A super-obvious clone of Super Mario Bros
World of Cubes icon
An online survival game in pure Minecraft style
Run Sheldon icon
A tortoise running as if his life depended on it
Moy's World icon
Moy as a platform game
Ninja Run icon
No one runs and throws shurikens faster than a ninja
Yeah Bunny! icon
Enter a magical world filled with pixelated bunnies
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