Pudding Monsters icon
The most entertaining gelatinous adventure yet
Dere .exe - Please Do Not Play This Game icon
Seriously, don't play this game!
Sonic Runners Revival icon
Sonic is back and running around Greenhill
Super Kong Jumper icon
Hyper casual games
Mr. Go Home icon
Try to make it home...if you can
Parallyzed icon
Guide these two sisters through a dangerous maze
100 PICS Puzzles icon
Complete any jigsaw right on your device
Dark Lands icon
A dark, dangerous 2D world
Mega Jump icon
Go higher and higher while trying to catch all the coins
Funky Karts icon
A super fun mix between karts and platforms
Manuganu 2 icon
The return of the adventures of a loveable caveman
Another Weird Platformer icon
A 2D platform that is as simple as it is fun
Heads Off icon
Go on an unusual journey as a disembodied head
Elvin: The water sphere icon
Help Elvin save the Goomswood forest
Arnallia icon
Try to survive on this mysterious island
Kid Chameleon icon
Beat dozens of levels in the perfect disguises
Star Wars Rebels: Recon icon
The official Star Wars Rebels game
Ristar icon
Voyage through the galaxy
Rope Escape icon
Swing from vine to vine to make a high speed escape
Running Shadow icon
The evolution of the old-school 'endless runner'
NyxQuest icon
After 10 years, the classic WiiWare comes to Android
SplashUp! icon
Platforms in total darkness
Elemental icon
A truly original puzzle game
Hanger World icon
Swing yourself to the end of each level ... and arrive in one piece
Ball Bounce Freaking icon
Control this friendly ball and move through the levels
Super Jim Jump icon
Make it across all of the platforms with Super Jim
It's Full of Sparks icon
A truly explosive game
Great Jump icon
Jump from platform to platform while dodging knives
Trial Xtreme 2 Winter icon
The most extreme cartwheels in the snow
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