Tutanota icon
Send e-mails securely
Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) icon
Send and receive text messages from any device
InstaMessage - Instagram Chat icon
Speak with all your Instagram contacts
Email icon
JusTalk Kids icon
A video calling app for kids
Nine Mail icon
Much more than just an email client
MightyText icon
Send and receive text messages on your computer
ZapZap Messenger icon
Meet people from around the world in chat rooms with various topics
F3 icon
Send anonymous questions to your friends
Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT icon
Much more than a simple walkie-talkie
Messenger for Messages icon
All your messaging apps in one place
Big Emoji icon
Send your friends the best emoji out there for Android
Live Message icon
Send animated messages to your contacts
twinme icon
A messaging app where privacy is key
Chatous icon
Chat with strangers from around the globe
Boxer icon
Manage all your email accounts from one place
Talkray icon
Call your friends and send text messages
BGram icon
An advanced alternative to Telegram
SMS - MMS Messages Text Free icon
Send your friends the best emojis in your SMS and MMS texts
Firechat icon
Send and receive messages without an Internet connection
NateON icon
Communicate with your contacts in real time with this messaging app
Briar icon
A private and secure messaging tool
Free Video call and Chat app icon
Alternative Telegram client
Lite Messenger Facebook icon
A lightweight app for using Facebook quickly and comfortably
Rocket.Chat icon
Improve team productivity by communicating with this efficient app
A fast, free, secure, and totally private messaging system
Coco icon
Another instant messaging option
MailDroid icon
A simple and function mail client
PS Messages icon
PlayStation's IM client
mysms - SMS anywhere icon
Send and receive text messages on a PC or tablet
Bridgefy icon
Offline messaging app
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