CureSkin icon
The easiest way to put an end to acne
7 Cups Of Tea icon
Talk with someone whenever you need to
Vezeeta icon
Healthcare on your smartphone
Doctolib icon
Contact French hospitals and doctors
Achievement icon
Participate in health studies and earn money for it
PeduliLindungi icon
Vaccination and COVID-19 certificate in Indonesia
Good Doc icon
The best tool for dealing with epidemics
QualityTime - My Digital Diet icon
Manage how you use your Android device
Ada icon
Diagnose your symptoms in a snap
OPPO Relax icon
Relax with this Oppo app
CovPass icon
App for the COVID-19 certificate in Germany
Pregnancy Tracker icon
Track your pregnancy week by week
Desrotulando icon
Sleep Booster icon
Get better quality sleep and wake up energized
CovPass Check icon
Check your vaccination passport in a flash
Period Tracker icon
Know which days you are fertile and calculate your next period
TousAntiCovid Verif icon
Verify your COVID-19 vaccine or negative PCR
COVA icon
Top covid-19 tracker app for Punjab
e-Nabız icon
A health app for people living in Turkey
LC icon
Track your 'time of the month' with this informative calendar
Finch icon
Take care of your mental health as you take care of your pet
Medication Reminder and Pill Tracker icon
Remember which medications you need to take
SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring icon
Track your sleep and analyize your snoring
Woebot icon
A robot that talks to you and tries to help
Wysa icon
A friendly and helpful penguin to keep in your pocket
醫健通eHealth icon
Hong Kong's health app
Six Pack icon
Try this app, create your own fitness routine, and get abs of steel
My Heart icon
Monitor your blood pressure with this blood pressure logger tool
Mindfulness App icon
Dozens of guided meditation sessions on your Android
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