Education & Languages

OnlineTyari icon
Prepare for state government tests in India
PowerSchool Mobile icon
An academic organizer for students, parents, and teachers
didUP - Famiglia icon
A school portal for parents and students
10000 كلمة انجليزية icon
An Arabic encyclopedia with thousands of words in English
Piano Scales & Chords Free icon
Learn To Master
FLIP icon
Manage and optimize your work or study time
Physique Chimie icon
Cymath icon
A useful tool for solving math problems
Hanping Lite icon
A dictionary to help you learn Chinese
Taleek icon
An app for learning new languages
Abwaab icon
A powerful educational app with multiple classes
Babbel - Learn English icon
Learning English is easy with the Babbel methodology
C++ Programming icon
Learn all the ins and outs of C++ Programming
Catch It icon
Learn English in a dynamic and fun way
Chinese Fun Easy Learn icon
Fun Easy Learn
KidloLand icon
Kids songs to learn many things from
Monkey Junior icon
Learn how to read with this educational app
SpeakingPal icon
Learn English in the most useful way: by speaking non-stop!
C++ Pattern Programs Free icon
Sumit Tiwari (SITS Educators)
Animal 4D+ icon
Enjoy 3D animals in augmented reality!
Piano Ear Training Free icon
Ear training app with dictation and other exercises
My School (مدرستي) icon
Educational activities to complement classes
Sago Mini World icon
Have fun in this colorful world
Datacamp icon
Learn how to perform data analysis with this course
Learn English words with SMART-TEACHER icon
Learn English vocabulary with the help of this app
Chinese HSK 2 icon
Master the Chinese HSK 2 level with this educational tool
SpanishDict icon
Improve your English or Spanish with this app
Picture Fish - Fish Identifier icon
Identify any species of fish with just one picture
Mechanical Engineering icon
Learn mechanical engineering with this app
CodeGym icon
Easily learn Java programming
Aprovado icon
Sand Robot
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